Carpathian center of Woodcraft

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of non-formal adult education in Central Europe. This will happen:

1) Increasing the competencies and skills of trainers, coaches, teachers and leaders

2) Strengthening the capacity, diversity and attractiveness of non-formal adult learning centers

3) Improving the level of cross-border cooperation of partners and their target groups

The project partners decided to strengthen their training centers and programs, link them and create a joint network offering innovative and attractive adult education programs. This is done through the following activities:

1) Identification, elaboration and exchange of good practices and procedures in the field of adult education in the area of ​​project priorities and themes:

Proposed Priorities

Improving the competencies of trainers and other adult education staff

Development of future-oriented training centers

Suggested Topics

Environment and climate change

Cultural heritage

Creativity, art and culture

2) Good practices collected and described by the partners will be presented, explained and demonstrated by the partners during their mutual visit.

3) Subsequently, the other partners‘ selected partner good practices are tested with the target group at the local level during a 1-2 day event.

4) Based on this procedure, after incorporating the partners‘ comments, each partner will draw up a training program consisting of their own and the partner’s good practices.

5) These programs are again tested at the local level with the participation of the target group of adults.

6) Based on the feedback from the participants, these training center programs will be interconnected, creating a network of 4 training centers that will offer an international program. The international program will then be tested again with the participation of partners in Slovakia at the Wooodcraft Center of the project coordinator. The international program will then be introduced and offered in all partner countries.